Call for papers : ERGOMAS Conference in Madrid, Spain, June 4-7, 2013

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Peacekeeping and peace operations have expanded enormously over the last decade regarding violence. Within the framework of traditional peacekeeping operations as they were understood by the UN in 1956, the use of force was likely to be minimal. However, during complex conflicts within the context of the post-Cold War period, the traditional notion of self-defence has been broadened and the use of force during peace operations has been increased. Or, in other words, there has been a shift from a primarily reactive approach based on crisis response, to a proactive one that seizes the initiative and applies pressure on armed actors responsible for violence against the civilian populace. The norm relating to the use of force in peace operations has evolved from self-defence to mission defence.Consequently, the use of force has, on several occasions, contradicted the ideal of non-violence embodied by traditional peacekeeping. On the one hand, use of force, or at least the possibility of using coercion to defend themselves, gives UN, NATO or EU peacekeepers the credibility necessary for them to be efficient. On the other hand, the transition in peace operations from peacekeeping to peace enforcement (under Chapter VII) and the adaptation of the concept of self-defence to a context that more and more frequently requires the use of force entails numerous practical, strategic, political, sociocultural as well as moral challenges and risks for all levels involved. This panel invites papers that problematize the shift in peace operations to a heightened use of force and wants to critically discuss the numerous challenges and (moral) risks involved. Put differently: Can sustainable conflict transformation be reached via violence and an involvement in war “disguised” as peacekeeping?

Please send your abstracts (max. 200 words) until 28 February 2013 to and to


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